Thursday, September 06, 2007

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super destination car rental
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I had a special treat at lunch today.

This afternoon, I met a friend for lunch, we ate our brown-bag specials on a bench in the sunshine. About 1/2 through lunch, the parade of thundermugs marched right past us, en route to the park. For the first time in a few years, the frosh had a gorgeous sunny day to build their creations in. They are calling for rain on Saturday. I guess when you're in that pit of slime, a little rain won't matter that much.

Campus was a little noisy today which was nice. Yesterday, by the time I got home, I thought my head would pop off. It didn't, which is nice because I may want to one day wear a hat again. I'm still having a hard time realizing that it actually is frosh week again and that classes start up again next week and that fall is almost here. I'm not in denial, just surprised.

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