Friday, September 21, 2007

creeping towards autumn

Apparently, summer is almost over. I see leaves starting to turn colour but seriously, we had to close up our office this afternoon and turn on the air conditioning. It still seems like summer.

In my office, we're all still wearing summer clothes and sandals. I'm not complaining at all, it's just odd. Good but odd.

So the weekend is here. As I type this, Mark and Andy are in the back yard pumping out the last of the water from the pool. Mark was only able to drain so much of it last weekend. I think our driveway is a little higher than our backyard so the water couldn't push it's way out of the pool once it got too low. Should be empty soonish I think.

This morning, I was surfing around, like I do, and I discovered that our next door neighbour, the gravel thief, the "hey I have to be sawing something with my table saw all of the time" guy, has put his house up for sale. Not smart really, to list your house when the street is closed to all but local traffic. Also, they don't have a sign on the lawn either, which is odd.

They have only been in the house, I'd say, about 18 months. They have a butt load of work to it, including putting a pool in the back. We're convinced thought that they aren't flippers. I think that stealer man's wife is not well. We get the gist from her that they sold up a place in the country to move into town to be closer to the doctors and stuff. Maybe they're moving into a condo.

Whatever the case, I'm not sad to see them go. Gravel thieves.

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