Friday, March 31, 2006

we just call them nuts

"we just call them nuts"
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happy friday kiddos.

how is it that the week seems to fly by and drag it's ass at the same time?

I'll never figure that out, never.

The week was emotionally exhausting for Mark and I, physically draining too. Joe seems to have perked up but we're not entirely sure that he's out of the woods yet. It's nice to see him alert and chatting though, very nice.

This weekend, I have a bunch of chores to get done around the house but I hope to very little else. Of course, we'll be down at the hospital but I don't think I have any errands to run or that there is anywhere we have to be and that's really nice. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my stuff done, sleep a lot, watch some tv (our dvr is getting kind of full) and drink large amounts of tea. mmm....tea...

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