Friday, March 17, 2006

top 'o the morning to ya!

downtown montreal
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I always say this after I'm sick, because it's always true, you never really appreciate how good normal feels until you've been sick for a few days.

This morning, I feel pretty close to "normal." Boy, it was a long week. The head cold part of the bug is still hanging on a bit, my head's still a little stuffy, my eyes are a smidgen watery and my back's still twingey at times but the worst of it is definitely behind me now. Thank goodness.

We don't have anything planned for St. Patty's Day tonight, we don't normally. My brother calls it "amature night" and he's right, why go out and have to deal with drunken morons? We have a few errands to run this weekend but other than that, we're not doing much at all. We've had to put some unplanned money into the car the past couple of weeks (new catalytic converter last week, the brake line sprung a leak last night). Nothing major thankfully but it was unexpected so I think we'll just stay home and putter around the house and save some pennies.

Saving pennies, getting some rest, sipping tea, it all sounds really good to me right now. Happy weekend kiddos!!

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