Saturday, April 01, 2006

happy april

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While I enjoy seeing the fruits of other folks' april fools day labours, I've never been a big participant. I guess it just requires too much planning and April 1 is just something that seems to sneak up on me every year.

I saw at least one early prank on campus yesterday. Someone (I suspect the applied science folks) had wrapped the JDUC in snow fence and put up some signs about the Queen's Centre construction. Mark saw a couple of other things as he was out and about but the snow fence was the only sort of strange thing I saw.

Our little town is now full to the brim with hockey kids. This weekend is the "kids for kids" hockey tournament. Yesterday, everywhere I went, I saw tykes dragging their hockey bags behind them, on the way to some rink or another. At least the bags now have wheels on them. Down the street from us sits the Memorial Centre and CBC Television has built a little city in their parking lot. The Hockeyville show is broadcasting from here. I sometimes feel like we're the only folks in Kingston who aren't Hockey crazy but I am guessing that we're not. The rest of the fans though, are doing their best to win Kingston the title of Hockeyville. There is a lot of enthusiasm for it around town, I really wish that I cared about it, one way or the other. Or maybe I don't wish that. It's too early to know.

I really wanted to sleep in this morning but it wasn't happening. Maybe that's some kind of April Fool's prank that my body is playing on me. Oh well, the kettle calls my name. Happy April!!

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