Friday, March 03, 2006

hey hey hey

good mail day
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it's the weekend.


Woke up this morning to sounds of trucks outside the house. I was sure it would be the garbage trucks but it turned out to be city trucks. The water main on our street was broken. The street was a skating rink.

It's all fixed now, water service was never interrupted.

I'm pretty brain dead at the moment, more so than I normally am on the weekend.

Chalk it up to being out of town on Monday and starting my new job on Wednesday. Either way, I'm taking it easy this weekend. Hopefully...

Tonight, the passenger side door window wouldn't close. If it doesn't start working magically tomorrow morning, I'll have to find somewhere to get it fixed.

In the meantime, I had a good mail day earlier in the week so at least I have the new East River Pipe disc to listen to. It's never all that bad really, isn't it?

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