Monday, March 27, 2006


blue skies over rona
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I'm busy today.

It's not a "hey I'm so busy that I am hyperventilating" kind of day but rather the type where you start into one thing and then get distracted so you move onto an other and shortly after realize that you haven't accomplished anything so, gosh darn it, you'd better get back to the first thing you were working on...what was that again?

Yeah, fun huh??

Hopefully this isn't the way the whole week is going to be. I'm hopeful that this is the worst it can get and that it's all golden from here on out. How's that for optimism?

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Sueellen said...

Luckily I am fairly caught up at work and am not so busy today. I have a feeling the rest of my week won't be so nice. Hope you have a great week!