Wednesday, March 29, 2006

this bird has flown

birds in the medical quadrangle
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As I eat a banana and see sunbeams out of the corner of my eye, I wish I could be outside. Unfortunately, I'm a little busy today so I'm only take a short break. Basically, enough of a break to eat my lunch.

Joe seems to be doing better in some aspects, not so much in others. We met with his doctor last night and he told us that Joe's heart is in terrific shape and that his lungs are looking good. Unfortunately, for some weird reason, he's sleeping about 23 hours out of 24. No one can figure out why. He's not under any sedation and I can understand that he'd be tired after being so sick last week but he should be getting up and out of bed a little bit. If he doesn't, I'm afraid that he'll get pneumonia again.

I have many reasons for wanting him to be out of the hospital and back home again. One of them is really selfish. I want to not have to go to the hospital every day and face the smokers outside. It hurts my heart to see folks out side the doors of the hospital, hooked up to three or four different I.V.'s, smoking cigarettes. I've never smoked and I do understand that it's an addiction but seeing this just makes me sad and a little angry. It's not bad enough that they are sick, perhaps with a smoking related illness, but they make me breathe in their smoke every time I come and go. It's irritating and it's sad and I'll be glad when Joe is back home and I don't have to deal with that anymore.

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