Friday, July 01, 2005

happy Canada day

Much like yesterday, I expect that we'll be spending a good sized chunk of our day at the hospital. They are still doing tests on Joe but won't admit him. They really would have liked us to take him home yesterday (after all, he did get up and walk two whole steps using a walker!) but we dug our heels in and wouldn't take him home, not yet. He's still weak and dehydrated and I'm not entirely convinced that his meds are sorted out yet.

We did meet with the community help folks yesterday. Mark spoke with another one of their case managers on the phone just now. They have arranged for some assistive devices to be sent to the house later on today. They seem to think that Joe seems a lot better, stronger and generally feeling better. I'm so relieved. Yesterday he just looked like hammered crap and we knew he couldn't come home. I'm sure that getting in and out of the car alone would kill him.

If we see a marked improvement when we get down there today, I'll be so happy. We really want him home and feeling better. The woman Mark just talked to seem to think that he'll be okay to come home soon. With today being a holiday, I'm not sure how quickly be able to get all of the stuff they are sending us (like a walker and what not). In any event, if all goes well, he'll be home tomorrow. It really is a happy Canada Day!!

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