Tuesday, July 05, 2005

settling in

We just got home from seeing Joe. Late yesterday we were given the very good news that a spot had been found in a long term care facility. I'm not sure how it happened exactly but he has ended up in a private room in (in my opinion anyway) one of the best facilities in town. I used to do volunteer work at this place when I was in high school and it's just a couple of minutes by car from our house. We were fully prepared to take a spot in a facility up to 90 minutes away so for him to end up in a place that is about 1/2 way between our house and my office is just incredible.

We went over there this morning before he arrived, to meet with the administrator and have a tour. We're in the middle of a heat wave right now so we went out and got him a fan. The place is "air cooled" but it's not "air conditioned" so it's pretty warm in his room without a fan on. It made a huge difference but honestly, I don't think he even noticed it.

He's pretty worn out right now. He says that his head and arm aren't hurting but he's still pretty confused. He knows where is and that he'll be there for a while but the poor guy is still suffering the effects of the dehydration and the fall. I'm sure that in a couple of days he'll feel much better.

I hope that Mark and I will feel better soon too. We're both pretty exhausted as neither of us have slept much during the past week. This whole process was emotionally taxing and was really unexpected. This actually feels much worse than the physical toll our move took on us, and I thought that was pretty bad. Right now I just feel relieved. Joe is in very good hands and I'm confident that he'll be receiving excellent care.

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