Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I should be in bed right now. I am on my way but I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts before I went.

We popped in to see Joe on our way home from work tonight. He seems much better today. He had a good night's sleep, a shower and a shave and he is looking more like his old self. I knew he was feeling better when he complained a bit about the food. Fortunately, he's in love with the staff (who I think are just fabulous!) so that's a big hurdle crossed.

After we saw him, we went out to the west end to do some errands and grab a bite to eat. In the middle of dinner, my dad called to say that my aunt & uncle, who are visiting from Calgary, were at my folks' house. Apparently, my aunt's aunt is in the same place Joe's in. I called them back and gave them Joe's room number so my mum popped in to see him while my aunt visited her aunt. This woman moved in their in February or March and is on the floor below Joe's.

We raced home after dinner because my folks' wanted to bring my aunt and uncle over to see our new house (and us) while they were in town. It was great to see them although I am not sure that either of us were very coherent as today was our first day back to work in almost a week and we're still pretty brain-dead. Mostly we talked about Joe and Aunt Karen's auntie.

They just left a little while ago and I think I'm at the over-tired point right now. Mentally and physically, I'm exhausted but I'm also wired at the same time. Thank goodness I'm not drinking coffee these days or I'd probably be in worse shape than I already am. I think I'll head off to bed now and see what happens. With any kind of luck, I'll sleep.

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