Thursday, July 14, 2005

brain dead

At the moment, I'm pretty brain dead, how 'bout you??

I don't know what the weather is doing where you are but I know it's too damned hot here. It's been hot for days, not just warm like a normal summer day but stinking hot. The air quality has been pissy and we've had these crazy rain storms intermittently that don't break the muggy feeling. As as matter of fact, they make it worse. It's sick and I can't wait it for to break. They were calling for hail tonight but that didn't happen. It's just sick!

A bad side-effect of the weather is that we're completely off our normal routine. Between the heat wave and running back and forth to check on Joe, we're eating at weird times and not proper meals. We've been grabbing sandwiches here and there when we are hungry or not at all. It's also causing us both to feel tired all of the time. I hate to whine about it but that's what's been happening just recently.

Fortunately, a week from tomorrow, our vacation begins. We'll be off work for 10 whole days and I cannot wait!!

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