Saturday, July 30, 2005


Whenever we take a vacation, and we plan to stay home and do nothing, we end up staying in town and spending a small fortune at the home improvement centre. This week is proving to be just the same as all the other weeks. Sometimes I think it would be cheaper to go out of town!

It started off when we picked up a "big plant" at Costco yesterday. Mark has wanted some variety of uber-large plant for as long as we've been together and we've always lived in places that were too small for the size of plant he wanted. The only time we were able to get one was back when we had the restaurant. So when we brought the big plant home, we realized that we could actually have two in our living room and that it would not only look nice, that the plants would do really well.

Today, we trekked back to Costco and got a second plant (different variety) and while we were there, found a cabinet for the master bath. Funnily enough, just this morning, I was soaking in the tub and thought, "we need something over the toilet." We really did too, it's a huge white wall and we can always use extra storage. We walk into Costco this afternoon, fully intending to only get a plant and we end up finding an absolutely perfect bathroom cabinet. I have to tell you, both yesterday and today, I've felt a little like Artie Johnson while I've been pushing the buggy with a giant plant it it. You kind of have to peek through the leaves to see where you're going. It's odd.

Anyway, right now, both plants are in the living room and they seem to like it there. The bathroom cabinet is also in the living room, not yet unpacked. We did pick up some planters for the big plants at Rona. While we were there, we saw a really nice computer desk for one of us. If it fits, we may get two as we both need new desks for our respective offices. It's looking right now though like it may just go into Mark's office, mine is slightly too narrow for it.

So while we were out spending, spending, spending, we also got a really nice light fixture for above the sink in the kitchen. We've been making do without one for a while but as fall approaches, I know that we'll need one soonish. I think it's going to look really nice when it's up. I also got some really plush, funky, cotton bath mats for the bathrooms. An oatmeal coloured one for the black & white bathroom and a sage green one for the master bath. The house is starting to feel like home finally, I can't believe that we've been here two months already and so much stuff is still in boxes!!

Tomorrow, Mark is planning to install the light and the cabinet. One thing I know for sure is that I'll have to make proper curtains for the kitchen once the light goes up. Fun times huh??

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