Sunday, July 31, 2005

fixing it up

Mark was a very busy boy today. He got our new fixture installed in the kitchen and put the cabinet up in the master bath.

kitchen fixture
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The light fixture is really nice and bright! The old one was a box fixture that had definitely seen better days. This new one has three separate directional halogen pots and really makes a huge difference on the counter when it's on.

bathroom cabinet
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The cabinet in the bathroom looks like it's always been there. I want to pick up new knobs for the existing cabinets so everything will match. Also, Mark got some of our pictures up on the bathrooms so it's looking a little more homey.

We will haven't hung any artwork in the living room yet. We're planning on (hopefully) purchasing a new tv before the end of this year and where it ends up will dictate where any of our artwork will be place. Finally, after two months, things are starting to feel settled and the place is feeling more like home every day. I cannot get over how much we both love this house, it's just great and I can't wait to get home to it, whenever we're out. A house shouldn't be able to make a person so happy but yanno, this one does!!

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