Monday, December 22, 2003

Holiday madness kept me away from the computer for most of the weekend. Today, I've been feeling like hammered crap. This head cold thing is getting out of hand. I've just felt terrible all day. Luckily though, our holiday shopping is all done and I got everything wrapped yesterday. I haven't baked anything yet but, if I'm feeling better, I should be able to get it done over the next 2 days.

I'm sick to death of hearing / reading crap about the new lord of the rings movie. I was seriously feeling like Mark and I were the only folks on the planet who didn't want to see it when I read Zorbs blog today. At least we're not alone. I mean, I guess that I can be happy on some level for these lotr fans. They look forward to these movies, they loved the books and now it's over. Yay for them. My feeling is "it's just a movie!" The only holiday film that I'm remotely interested in seeing this year is Big Fish and even that, I think I can wait until it shows up on the movie channel.

I guess I'm just too stingy in my old age to give the theatre that much money for a movie ticket, not when we have 2 digital cable boxes here at home. Oh well, bah humbug huh? I must just be grumpy because of the sinus headache I've got.

Yesterday, I took some photos of the snow in our backyard. We had been out running errands and I just happened to have my camera with me. When we got home, we noticed that our garbage can had blown from the side of the house into the back yard. When I went to retrieve it, I noticed that there were snow balls all over the lawn. They were different sizes and had been rolled, it seems, by the wind. You could see tracks in the snow but no footprints (at first we thought that maybe some kids had been in the yard). I guess that the heavy winds blew some of the snow off of our spruce trees and then, they collected some of the dusty snow that had fallen over night. Here are some pictures I snapped of it, strange but true:


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