Thursday, December 18, 2003

Happy Thursday kids!!

Well, the sinus/cold thing that was kicking my ass all weekend seems to have reappeared. I've spent the better part of today being stuffed up and just generally feeling like a sack of poopie. Not fun. I guess that spending yesterday running in and out of stores in the rain didn't do me any good. I just would like to get through one holiday season / festive situation without a head cold. Is that too much to ask?

So, today I was sent a link via a listserv I'm on. The link was a for a Music Nerd Quiz. I scored 76.3285% and am, according to the quiz, a "Hardcore Music Nerd." I'd be interested in seeing how others scored. If you take it, let me know how you scored, please?

So, other than feeling crummy and taking a quiz, I didn't actually do too much today. I have a tonne of Christmas baking to do but I haven't started it yet. I did bake a couple of loaves of bread in my bread machine today though. Hopefully that will make me feel like starting it tomorrow. I always enjoy it once I start, starting is just the tough part!

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