Wednesday, September 10, 2003

So. Yay! Ryan is in the top two.

After last night's show, I had to reassure a friend of mine that just because Billy got voted out (yay!), Ryan wasn't at risk. She was worried that, like Jenny and Toya before, the most talented person could be eliminated. At this point I don't think this is going to happen.

I was SO happy to hear Billy's name, I actually screamed out "YES" really really loudly. Everything else aside, I don't like Billy, never did. I felt that he was way out of element being in the top 30 and still cannot believe that he got as far as did. He truly is a one-trick pony. Throughout the competition he's been mediocre at best, in my opinion anyway. I also must say that watching his brother freaking out in the front row every week has been annoying.

Having said that, I feel that the judges set Billy up to fall. On Monday night, he had to sing a judge's choice song and one of his own favourites. The judge's had him sing "Everytime you go away" (the Paul Young hit from the 80's) and he massacred it. His choice was "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots. I agree, whole heartedly with a comment that one of the judges made about a cover band called "stone temple pylons." Billy should be in a bad grunge band "tribute" act, not in a competition like this. By allowing Billy to trip himself up, the judges have placed Gary and Ryan in the final showdown.

I've always liked Gary and think that he is a great soul singer. Overall though, he doesn't have the versatility that Ryan has, not to mention the support. This town is going nuts over Mr Malcolm. I have it on good authority that CTV is trying to secure a space for a "pep rally" on Monday night. Apparently, they want to find a space that can hold up to 5000 people. They'll broadcast the two-hour show down special to the crowd and, I'm sure, cut to the mob in Kingston during the show.

I doubt very much that we'll bother going to something like that. It's very cool though, that a kid from Amherstview can do as well as Ryan's done. He is a really talented fellow and this is an amazing opportunity for him, and his family. The fact that Mark and I are actually watching him and voting for him every week (and we totally hate stuff like this) is proof of how gifted he is. I really hope that he wins next week, he truly deserves it!

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