Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Okay, so today has been completely mad, all day!

At the moment, I'm at home. Why am I at home during my busiest time of the year you ask? (oh, yeah, it's my busy time right now at work -- it will be for the next four weeks!) Well, today started off weird. We both slept in, we were completely exhausted and this was full-blown, crazy late sleep in.

So I get up, late. I get my lunch made, I scarf down some breakfast. Mark heads over to Fern's to pick up the cab. He's starting later than usual but that's okay, he'll grab the car, come home and have breakfast and coffee, no big deal. I jump in the shower and, whilst showering, I hear someone banging on the door (which is located right below the shower) and the phone ringing. I'm fairly certain that this is an elusive insurance inspector we've been playing telephone tag with so I carry on with my shower. I hear more hammering on the door and start to realize that it's not the inspector. It's Mark. I look out the window and see that he's locked out. Dripping wet, I run down the stairs and let him in. The door was jammed. I figured it was because some of those cotton shopping bags had been hanging on the door knob and jammed the knob. I let him in, we carry on getting ready for work. Mark tests said faulty door knob, all seems fine and we head out.

On the way to the car, I spill part of my coffee on my hand. As I'm wearing a white top, I decide to go back in the house to clean it up. The door knob is pooched. We cannot get in. Now, you might ask, "Peg, why not enter by a different door." That's a very good question. The answer is simple: we can only enter and leave by this door -- at the side of our house. The front door, we discovered, can be locked and unlocked from inside but we don't have a key for the deadbolt. Having the whole house re-locked and re-keyed has been on our to-do list for a while but we've never gotten around to it. Until today that is. It's being dealt with as I type. The lovely locksmith, Barry I think his name is, is installing new door knobs and dead bolts on both of our doors and we'll actually be able to use keys on them. Novel idea huh?

On a sad note, I heard that Warren Zevon passed away. I know that he was sick for a while with cancer so this wasn't a total shock. Somewhere around here, I have a Warren button that says, "my shit's fucked up." I wanted to wear it today but couldn't find it. He was a very talented fellow and will be missed.

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