Thursday, September 04, 2003

I'm surrounded by idiots. The biggest part of my job is helping to organize a large-scale, annual event, which is attended by thousands of people. Obviously, we work on it all year. We're exactly one month away from this year's "do" and you wouldn't believe the requests that we are getting. Some people just have no clue about how big events are planned. This happens every year and you would think that we would get used to getting last minute, absolutely over-the-top requests for help so I don't know why it bugs us so much, it just does.

It's another wonderful day in the neighbourhood here. I could barely hear my phone ringing earlier due to all the of the frosh week commotion that was happening on the lawn outside my office. The kids are having fun though, so that's the most important thing, I know. They have just been a lot louder this year than in the past. I'm guessing it's due to increased numbers of first year students (the double cohort thing). Things will quiet down next week when classes start. It's always an adjustment for folks on campus when the students return. You just about get used to everyone being gone and they're back.

Mark's feeling much better today. I'm so glad because I was really worried about him yesterday. He had a nasty nasty bug that knocked him flat on his ass. Chicken soup can do wonders for a body though. Soup and sleep and drugs actually!

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