Monday, May 11, 2009

movie star

We had a great weekend, really nice. We had time to chill out, time to play and time to do chores and errands. I came back to work this morning feeling really good. The house is in good shape as far as it's cleanliness level goes, which is something considering how bad I let it get while I was a sick a couple of weeks ago. The yard could use some TLC but it was either rainy or really cold over the weekend. For now, the front lawn is really too long and the back lawn needs some seed or sod but while the deck construction continues, there is no sense in doing that. We'll get it all neat and tidy looking soon, it's still early, right?

Yesterday, I was changing the batteries in my camera while sitting at the kitchen table. The dogs were wandering around and I took the following little video of Gracie. She was interested in the camera but was also watching Sam out of the corner of her eye.

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