Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm feeling a little bit all over the place today.

This week, I'm taking Friday off, in lieu for working over the weekend. Subsequently, it's been a busy week so far as I try to get stuff done in a four day week. Also been working harder than normal in the evenings at home. I'd really love to not have any housework to do over the weekend. Wouldn't that be nice? I did three loads of laundry last night and a bunch of cleaning. The house is starting to look like you could almost let people live there.

We plan to go to Montreal for the day on Friday. It's sort of a belated birthday gift for Mark. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has an exhibit on now, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of John & Yoko's bed in and we're going to at least see that and make a side trip to Schwartz's (cuz you can't go to Montreal and not visit Schwartz's).

To make up for a less than coherent post, here's a fun Joel Plaskett video to get you through hump day. Enjoy!

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