Friday, May 01, 2009

friday fog

rewarding Mark
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the fog rolled down University Avenue in a crazy, almost movie like way this morning. then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.


for the first time since the deck extension was added, we had a rain storm last night. our gazebo is now on the extension, which is just outside our bedroom window so the wind howling and the rain pounding was amplified by the canvas top. I think it disturbed the dogs a bit, I know it kept waking us up. It's such a more pleasant sound though, than freezing rain hitting the window. I'll not complain.

Gracie particularly, is digging the new deck. She's realized that she can be outside but not get wet during the rain and is one happy girl. I'm not sure when the railings are going up, we still need to buy them. It may not be until the long weekend but in the meantime, Mark and Andy put up a temporary barrier which will prevent wrestling dogs from rolling off the edge.

When it's done, it's going to be amazing. At the moment, it's merely awesome.

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