Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bathing beauties

sun bathing
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the dogs and I spent a fair chunk of time hanging out on the deck, in the sunshine, over the weekend. I took their bed outside Sunday and Monday so they could get comfortable.

Mark and Andy spent a big chunk of their time working on the deck. Sam and Gracie and I did our best to stay out of their way and not interrupt the terrific railing installation which was happening.

The deck looks amazing now. There is only one more section to finish (it's the end piece of the deck, installing a privacy panel) and it'll be done. Mark even got some of the landscaping done so things are coming together.

Our next step will be getting some sod and planting grass in the corner where the gazebo was last year. The dogs are really enjoying how the yard has opened up to them. Mark could hardly get Sam to come in last night. I think Sam would have been completely happy to have slept outside last night (although given that there are skunks in our neighbourhood at night I don't think it would have been a good idea).

Although it's not even the end of May, I seriously think we've spent almost as much time on the deck this year as we did the whole of last summer. It's going to be a great summer / deck season this year I think!

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