Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's Mark!

it's Mark!
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I love having my teeth cleaned but hate how your head feels like someone kicked it in afterwards.

Having said that, I saw a new hygienist this morning and she's awesome. She also has 2 dogs so, when I didn't have a bunch of stuff in my mouth, we could talk about dogs. yay!

Mark was at the dentist on Monday, I was there today, the dogs were at the vet on Monday, hopefully we're done with appointments for a little while.

This morning I thought Gracie had disappeared from the yard. Sam was in the house with me and I went to find Gracie before I started getting ready for work (I just like to know where they both are). She wasn't in the house, and I couldn't see her in the yard (our yard is not huge) or on the deck. I started to panic a little bit and called her and called her.

Eventually, I heard her whimper, she was behind a piece of lattice that Mark had put next to the shed. I wasn't sure how she got in behind the shed but at least I knew where she was. I called out and said, "I'll be back to rescue you, just need my shoes" and went back into the house. I had no more than walked into the bedroom than Gracie was at my feet. She wasn't trapped at all, just playing a game I guess. To me, puppy games are more fun when there is less panic and more laughing. I suppose as long as she had fun, that's the main thing, right?

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