Monday, August 07, 2006


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today is shaping up to be another gorgeous day. how lucky are we to have had three lovely, warm, lazy days in a row, during a long weekend?? Pretty lucky I'd say. I must admit, I really envy folks who have the entire summer off. For now, I'll have to settle for weekends and extra days off booked here and there. We actually have a couple of long weekends booked for later on this month so that should help a bit.

Almost all weekend, we've been outside enjoying the weather. We haven't gone much further than the grocery store all weekend, although we did slip over to see Joe for a few minutes yesterday. Our visits to him are less frequent than they once were as he tends to either fall asleep mid-visit or he just plain old doesn't make a lot of sense. We pop in about twice a week, last summer, we were there at least five times a week. Of course, he was a lot more coherent and we were concerned about him settling in. He's completely settled now and seems really happy in his routine, such as is it.

We're happy in our routine too because today we don't have one and that makes me happy. Happy holiday Monday folks!!

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