Friday, August 11, 2006

liz's pig

liz's pig
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isn't he cute?

he belongs to my neighbour. I met her step-son's bunny tonight, his name is "bacon." Liz, like Mark, collects pig things and she showed me her collection tonight. bacon the bunny likes to "have his way" (if you know what I mean, wink! wink!) with her fuzzy piggy slippers. It's really funny actually.

It was nice to end the day by meeting a bunny. Today was kind of stressful. We had a call this afternoon that Joe had taken a bad turn. By the time we got over to see him (about 45 minutes later), he was stable and resting. He's really weak though. They are doing a bunch of tests on him to try to figure out if he has an UTI or has had a little stroke. Whatever happens, we'd like him to remain where he is. He's comfortable, he's surrounded by folks he knows. We had a long discussion with one of his nurses tonight and Mark talked to his doctor and we all agree that until we know exactly what is happening, he's far better off staying home (at the long term care facility where he's living now) than going into the hospital. I think that his poor little body is just really really slowly, winding down. We'll go over and visit him in the morning and see how he's doing.

Today's definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster for us.

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