Wednesday, August 02, 2006

blue skies

blue skies over our backyard
Originally uploaded by Julep67.
it's still hot, hazy and humid here in k-town.

it's supposed to be slightly cooler tomorrow, I sure hope that the forecast is correct. It was really gross in our office this afternoon. Fortunately, we had a meeting in an air conditioned room for part of it but by the time I left work tonight, I felt really sweaty and gross.

I feel like I'm on auto-pilot this week, just zombie-ing through the week until the heatwave is over or the weekend arrives, whichever comes first.

I'm quite looking forward to clean air again, and sleeping. Good night's sleep are hard to come by just recently. Again, I blame the weather.

Right now, I blame the weather for everything. Ultimately, I guess I must blame myself though. I'm a member of the human race and we're the ones who fucked up the environment and caused global warming.

Of course, president pea-brain, down south of the border, says that there is no global warming so maybe there isn't a problem after all and I can just blame the weather.



Bev - Living In Hormoney said...

I feel for you!!! You know how I suffered during our heat wave, and it wasn't NEAR as hot as what you've been having, and thankfully we don't get the humidity.

Anonymous said...

my air conditioner was acting up last night, but it finally came around. and yes, i blame president moron for it!