Wednesday, August 23, 2006

cards on the table time

Once again, I will admit, reluctantly, that Mark and I watch Canadian Idol. It's a guilty pleasure.

I must admit, we get a sick amount of joy out of watching it. We tend to pause it a lot and make really inappropriate jokes about the contestants (not to mention the judges - message to Jake & Farley - Don Cherry called, he wants his shirts back!!). Last night we watched both of this week's episodes. It took us about 35 minutes to watch the whole 90. Since the season started, we've both been Steffi D fans so we were a little disappointed to see her go. That's how these things go though, you have two girls from the Ottawa-Carleton area competing, they most likely split the vote.

What I don't get, really can't get my head around, is how Tyler "I do the shit-my-pants dance" Lewis has gotten this far in the competition. Of the four remaining competitors, I pretty much like everyone but Tyler. Eva is very talented and absolutely stunningly beautiful. Craig is quite a good singer. I like that Chad picks Canadian songs each week (I particularly liked that he sang a Sloan song one week - even if it wasn't one of my favourite Sloan songs) but Tyler, I just don't get him - he's goofy, he lacks any kind of stage presence and he's just irritating. I guess I don't have to "get" him, I don't get a lot of the crap that is on the mainstream radio these days.

As much as we enjoy watching these Idol shows (for all the wrong reasons), we have never actually bought any of the resulting product. On that note, I'm listening to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah a lot just recently. I don't think that they'd do well on Canadian Idol (or American Idol for that matter - I don't think they'd be eligible for Canadian Idol). I think that's really okay, it's good actually.

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