Saturday, August 05, 2006

mark recycles

mark recycles
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we both do actually. this morning, we took a load to our local recycle centre. Lucky for us, it's not too far from our house so we go over there quite often. Even though it feels like we've been in our house for ages, I'm still unpacking boxes every now and then. This morning, we took all of the cardboard over from my unpacking of the CD's. We also took two large bags of yard clippings. The giant municiple compost heap is at the centre too.

You could sort of tell that the folks working there today had a slight resentment in their hearts over working on Saturday of a long weekend. The fellow in the big yellow scoopy truck thing was just sort of riding back and forth. When we pulled over to put our bags on the heap, he honked at us, pulled right up behind us and motioned for Mark to throw our two bags into his "scoop." He then turned around and moved our two bags across the yard. Your tax dollars are hard at work folks!

So far today, we've had another gorgeous weather day. In addition to the recycling, we did some errands and spend some quality time floating around in the pool. 'Twas all very relaxing and restful, just like a long weekend should be.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and we're still not quite sure what we're doing to celebrate. We met 7 years ago tomorrow. We picked up some seafood at costco (shrimp and scallops) for a nice dinner, either tomorrow or Monday. We're just sort of taking the weekend as it comes for now and that's just the way I like it!

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