Wednesday, May 17, 2006

multi-car pile-up

multi-car pile-up
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it's been a little overcast here for the past few days and today, I was suffering from a lack of sunshine.

all day long, I felt sleepy, even though I had a decent sleep last night and worked out this morning. odd huh?

on the way home tonight, Mark was doing his usual, "home, home again, I like to be there, when I can..." and he was talking about how much he's looking forward to seeing Roger Waters play "Dark Side of the Moon" live in September. I suggested that it might be neat to have the Polyphonic Spree open the show (because they do songs about the sun...)

Anyway, I started singing Spree tunes in my head all the way home and couldn't wait to hear "Soldier Girl" when I got in the door. I'm still listening to said Spree right now and somehow, just hearing some songs about sunshine has made me feel better.


Oh, btw, guilty pleasure confession time: Mark and I have actually watched the whole season of AI5. It's sick, we know it but we got glued to Taylor and Paris from the first show. I was miffed when Paris got booted because I really liked the girl (although I was happy to see the bald guy go last week). Anyway, we're both pulling for Taylor tonight. It would neat to see a guy who seems to genuinely love music and who also appears to be a nice person win one of these things for a change (especially someone who figured out how to squeeze a George Harrison/Beatles song into the competition). Either way, it's just a tv show but to see Taylor win would be nice!

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Anonymous said...

I know all about favorite songs! Music is a huge addiction for me. Also, my favorite guilty pleasure is Gilmore Girls!!

:) GGB~