Monday, May 15, 2006

employee of the month

sponge bob
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I am not a gamer.

The most complicated game I'll usually play on my computer is Free Cell.

Mark got me a copy of "Employee of the Month" for my birthday and, while it's silly, I spent a lot of time yesterday playing it. Between loads of laundry, I'd be glued to the computer, farting around with it.

It was way more fun that I would have thought but you really have to love spongebob to stick with it, seriously.

Overall, my birthday weekend was great. Mark wasn't feeling all that well yesterday, his stomach was kind of upset from something. Not sure what exactly but we're hoping it'll clear up soon. He's still feeling wonky today. No fun.

The time really flew by quickly. The week's just zip by too fast these days. I don't mind all that much when work days pass me by but when the weekends do that too, it's a bother.

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