Wednesday, May 31, 2006

chill out

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It's been really stinking hot here for the past few days and while I feel like I'm actually starting to get used to it again, I'd really rather that the humidity broke.

The air quality is crap, it's oppressive actually.

Speaking of oppressive, well, maybe not oppressive but really annoying, we're getting an "LVEC." Aren't we lucky? I don't talk about this thing too much at work because many of the folks I work with are really excited about it and see it as a great opportunity to reinvigorate our barely surviving downtown core area.

Personally, I feel that it's a huge waste of tax payer money. We had an opportunity, a few years back now, to have a charity casino in our little town. The City felt that the negative social effects were not worth the economic boost it might provide to our community. Instead, they built the casino about 30 minutes east of here. Financially, it's been very successful and I wonder if the push for this LVEC isn't being driven in part by the sting of a bad decision and a missed opportunity.

In some ways, I think that a larger/newer/improved sport and entertainment complex is a good idea for this area. I really don't think that it's a good idea to plunk it down in the middle of downtown. I'd really rather see the money spent on road improvements instead of a project like this. Our streets are a disgraceful mess of pot holes.

Having said all of this, I doubt very much that I'll ever set foot in this place for any recreational reasons because I don't really care to watch hockey and I know that no bands I like would ever play in a place like that. But hey, "go LVEC!"

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