Thursday, May 04, 2006

drywall before a roof?

drywall before a roof?
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I'm pooped.

Completely exhausted and honestly, a little grubby.

Today, we moved our office around. We had movers in to do the big stuff and then we had carpenters in to make sure that everything was safely affixed to what it needed to be safely affixed to. They also hung pictures and cork boards for us.

When I left the office tonight, things were coming together. I left my desk about 1/2 sorted out. The girls I work with were putting stuff back into cupboards. I really like where my desk was moved to, I think it's going to be nice and quiet in the new spot. I was right in front of the door and now I'm in the corner, next to the window. Once I'm settled, I'm sure it'll be really great.

Right now though, I'm just happy it's over. I'm a little stressed because I basically lost an entire afternoon today but it'll be worth it when we're all settled and sorted out.

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