Wednesday, May 03, 2006

don't pay for 3 months

don't pay for 3 months
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How 'bout, "don't pay at all?"

Mark took our car for it's emission test today. It didn't pass. I was a little surprised because we'd just installed a new catalytic converter a couple of months ago.

After work, we stopped by the place we'd had the work done to get some advice and find out what our options were. Basically, what's going to happen is that we're going back to the place that did the test, they'll tell us what is wrong (for a fee) and we'll either get it fixed and pass the test, or we'll pay upto $450 in repairs and be given a 2 year grace period to either get it fixed or replace the car.

Fun times huh? I mean, it's been a really good car. My dad gave it to us almost 4 years ago and it's a 1993 car so it's had a good long life. We're going to start looking around for a "new to us" car. You know these days are coming but boy, it's no fun when they actually arrive, is it?

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