Friday, May 05, 2006

cinco de mayo

bonnet peppers
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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Did you drink some tequila today?

No? Me neither. We talked about it after dinner but didn't bother. I felt tired and worn out from work and didn't figure that a cocktail would really help the situation.

We did have a really nice barbecue tonight though. The weekend looks like it is going to be kind of chilled. I really need to wash all of my sweaters and pack them away. My summer clothes are just begging to come out of hiding and I'll be glad to see them.

We've hired some students for Sunday. They are going to come over and do some of the particularly difficult landscaping stuff we need doing (digging up of railway ties and dead trees). Hopefully the weather will be good for them to do this, maybe nice and warm but not too sunny. That would be good.

Basically, my plan is to stay close to come and get some chores done. To putter really. I've had a particularly gruelling work week this week and feel the need for a huge break!

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