Sunday, April 30, 2006

sunday sunday

thousand islands charity casino
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We're working today.

I've been doing laundry and puttering on the deck. Mark's cut the lawn and is sorting out the shed. We got groceries in the middle of it all and visited Joe.

We had a slow start this morning. We slept in a little bit but then we had been up kind of late last night. We had a date night last night I guess you could say. It wasn't planned but we went out for dinner to the Chinese place around the corner (we sat next to their huge fish tank so it was fun to watch all of their fishies swimming around). After dinner, we went down to the Casino for an hour or so (it was really full of gawkers so we couldn't stand more than an hour). Once we got back to town, we stopped off at the grocery store and picked up margarita fixin's and each had a couple of cocktails before bed. It was a nice change and not something we do very often. I think that the tequila hit Mark pretty hard because he was a little groggy this morning. Fortunately, the sunshine perked him right up. It's really nice outside right now. I think I'm going to get a big icy glass of water and go sit on the deck for a bit while my laundry does it's thing.

Hope you're having a good weekend too!!

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