Saturday, April 22, 2006

ten dollars

It's been raining, off and on, pretty much all day today.

I awoke with intentions of getting some things done around the house. Fortunately, I decided to not do those things. Instead, Mark and I took a trip to Gan, to the casino.

Since we were last there (which was a while ago), they have really changed things around. Both of us quickly blew through $20 and were feeling a little discouraged. If I'm going to lose $20, I at least like to lose it slowly. More fool me for playing a quarter slot machine.

After I went through my $20, I wandered around, wondering if I should invest another $20 or go for a coffee. I opted for the other $20 and ended up winning back the $20 I'd lost plust $10. Did I mention that I switched to a nickle machine?? That's right kids, I got to cash out a nickle machine at $50. Do you know how long it takes for a machine to spit out 1000 tokens?? It takes a little while, I'll tell ya.

Even though it was just $10, I felt so happy as we were leaving the place. The smoke didn't even bother me much. Of course, next week, the no-smoking thing kicks in at the casino. That will be sweet. We're planning to do go down again right after they switch over, to show our support. It'll be so nice to go for an evening (or an afternoon) without breathing in smoke.

Now, if we just figure out a way to regulate the amount of stinky perfume all those little old ladies wear, we'll have accomplished something!

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