Saturday, April 29, 2006

happy saturday!

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I actually slept in this morning. It felt really nice too. I feel rested but not like I got too much sleep, a nice balance.

When I did get up, I worked on Joe's taxes. We would have done them ages ago but we were waiting on some documentation that was somehow lost in the mail. Even if they sent it to the old address, we still have a forwarding thing on the mail so I'm not sure what happened. Anyway, he'll be happy when he hears that he's getting some money back this year. I'm always happy if I even get $5. Anything is better than paying!

I've just been puttering in my office since I did Joe's taxes. Finally shredding some of the papers I went through a couple of weeks ago, getting things organized. I like it when I can actually see the surfaces on my desk!

Not sure exactly what we're doing with the rest of the afternoon, we might go do some shopping or we might not. I'm getting some things done but I feel like I'm being a little lazy too so it's kind of nice.

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