Monday, February 02, 2004

I'm back to work today and feeling the closest thing to normal that I've felt in a week. I must admit though, at the moment, I'm dog tired and have a headache. I just finished eating my lunch though so I'm hoping that this will pass.

Being flat out sick for a week can really take it out of you. I really thought (ha!) that I'd be feeling 100% better today because that's what I wanted. Well, some things you can't force so I guess I'll be continuing to take it easy for the next few days.

Other than being sick, there is literally nothing else going on right now. I've been stuck in the house for basically the whole week, except on Thursday and Friday when I ventured out to work, and for 2 hours on Saturday when I was running errands. I know that some folks claim to get cabin fever when they are stuck inside that long but I really didn't mind it. I could have hibernated all this week too if I had a choice.

I think I'm actually adjusted to the cold now though. I guess that does happen when it's bitterly cold for weeks on end. The sun's shining today and it's just gorgeous outside, pretty and sparkley and bright. I heard that Wiarton Willie saw his shadow this morning but I never figure that it makes much difference. One way or the other, we're going to have 6 more weeks of winter, shadow or no shadow! My advice is to suck it up folks, you're in Canada!

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