Thursday, February 12, 2004

how lame is my week?

pretty damned lame actually. Not much has been happening around here at all. After my doctor's appointment yesterday, I had to pick up some groceries for Mark's dad. Ordinarily I just run in and out quickly but I stuck around for a visit yesterday. February 11 is his wedding anniversary. Mark's mum passed away in 1999 and his folks would have married 59 years yesterday.

I stayed at his place for about half an hour thinking he'd be upset about (he usually is) but he was fine yesterday. He'd had a touch of a stomach bug or something so he'd slept all afternoon and said that he'd not been thinking much about it. I'm sure he thinks about it often enough on other days to more than make up for it. I can't imagine being married to someone for over 50 years and then having to go on without them after they pass away. I know that he takes a lot of comfort from the thought of being reunited with her when he dies and I go along with that theory for his sake. Personally, I don't believe it. To me, dead is dead so make the most of it when you're here. Not very romantic I know but it's practical, I think.

Speaking of romance, the lamest day of the year is happening on Saturday and the crap has been hauled out of storage and into the aisles of your favourite stores. Last night we were in Costco (told you we were whores) and I couldn't believe the Valentine's shit they had out, vases, crappy looking jewelry, stuffed pink teddy bears. What a waste of money. I'm not opposed to romance but I don't see why we need a manufactured holiday to force folks into doing romantic stuff for their partners. Do it everyday, or not at all if it's not your thing... just don't be an asshole who gets conned into it by the fine folks at hallmark and/or ftd.

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