Sunday, February 08, 2004

Saturday, lazy Saturday

As planned, we had a fabulous, lazy Saturday. Mark's been fighting a head cold so he decided to not bother going into work today. As it happened, it was a dead day anyway so he didn't miss much (and staying in and keeping warm is way better for him than being outside in the cold, I think anyway!). He's feeling much better now than he did for most of yesterday. The weather has been getting to him too. The sudden changes in atmospheric pressure have been giving him a headache off and on. Not fun! At least he didn't end up getting what I had last week. I'm so glad about that!

I may have mentioned this before but last month, we bought a Costco membership. Over the past couple of weeks, we have become complete Costco whores. It's actually kind of good though as we've been getting great deals on stuff we've been needing for a while. Since November, we've been looking around with half an eye at coffee makers. Ideally, we wanted to get one that was programmable and had an insulated carafe. At Costco the other night, we found a super cheap deal on an excellent Black & Decker programmable coffee maker but it just had a regular pot. No worries, Costco had big ass thermos for $20. So, for $55 we got, essentially, what we wanted. The Hamilton Beach coffee maker that I had originally wanted was almost $200 so....score!!!

I've also picked up some gorgeous bath sheets and we're well stocked up on toilet paper. We actually have massive amounts of the stuff. I know that the honeymoon period will end soon and we won't be going in there quite as much as we are now but it's quite addictive! We were in there last Saturday, Monday night, Wednesday and then again yesterday. I'm going to make a conscious attempt not to go near the place until next weekend. There really is no reason why we should anyway. Yesterday we picked up a huge amount of tofu (four packages for $4.99), a large bag of broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, etc. We still have chicken in the freezer from last week's venture so we're pretty well stocked at the moment. It's really pretty funny actually, exactly how well stocked we are.

Funnily enough, Mark met a guy the other day who works at Costco, in the meat department. He was telling Mark how some families make a whole day of a visit to the store: they have fresh pizza from the demonstrators, the kids watch a movie in the television department...It sounded kind of humorous but also a little sad, I thought. To each his own though, right?

I'm not sure what we'll get upto today. Hopefully not much of anything. I have laundry to do and should probably run the vacuum around but, other than that, it'll probably be another hibernating day. It's supposed to get ridiculously cold here again today. Bring it on I say, afterall, we do have broccoli and digital cable. Oh, and hot coffee and woolie socks...what more can you need when it's bitterly cold outside?

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