Sunday, September 22, 2002

I've been thinking about Kirsty MacColl a lot lately.

The name of this blog, for those who didn't realize, is the title of one of her songs. I recently joined a yahoo list dedicated to all things Kirsty. In December 2000, when I heard that she had been killed, I wept. I went home, put on her album Titanic Days and sobbed. It wasn't the first time that I had cried while listening to Titanic Days. It was however, the first time, since I'd heard that John Lennon had been murdered (I was 13 at the time), that I had cried for someone I didn't know. On some level, I guess I did know her. I had always loved her music, always felt a connection to her through it. She was a brilliant song writer who had a quick wit and a biting sense of humour, two things that I admired her for.

A tribute concert to Kirsty is taking place in London at the Royal Festival Hall tomorrow night. Johnny Marr, Alison Moyet, Roddy Frame, Tracey Ullman and a bunch of other folks will be there. It's a fund raiser for The Music Fund For Cuba, something which was very near and dear to Kirsty's heart.

The Music Fund has two simple aims: to raise money to send musical equipment for schools and colleges and provide materials for music and cultural projects throughout Cuba. Secondly, it will facilitate a wider understanding of the breadth of Cuban culture and use visits and exchanges to further develop cultural links between Britain and Cuba.

Cheques should be made out to
Music Fund For Cuba, c/o Major Minor Management, 6 Salem Road, London W2 4BU

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