Saturday, September 14, 2002

"I heartily endorse this product or event.": Sally Hansen "New Length" clear nail polish with Teflon! Not only does it help my nails grow (I've split a bunch of them on boxes at work this week) but I'm pretty sure that I could fry an egg on them and the egg wouldn't stick to the finish!

It's Saturday afternoon and it's a little muggy outside so I'm hiding out in the house, applying nail polish to said split nails and listening to Hefner. I spent the morning scanning videos and getting them ready to put up on Ebay once things settle down at work. I now have 51 tapes ready to go. We've been slowly switching our VHS collection over to DVD so I've decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the rest of my video collection. A few months back I put a bunch of them up on Ebay and sold them all. Rather quickly too. I figure this a good time of year to do it, the holidays are right around the corner and this way I can build up my paypal account again for my own holiday shopping. Not that I'm all about winter holiday = presents or anything but I do like to find nifty stuff for my family that I can't find around here. I did most of my holiday shopping via Ebay last year and everything I found turned out to be a big hit with the recipients.

Still not sure about going to see Fred tonight. It's over an hour to drive up there so we'll see what the weather's doing. It looks like it may rain, finally. It's been weeks now since we've had more than a couple of drops. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't been pouring all weekend as the local agricultural fair is on right now. It started on Thursday night and the fair grounds aren't far from our house. The other night we fell asleep to sounds of the Demolition Derby. I think that the idea of the Demolition Derby is good, if you're can release a lot of stress I'm sure. I'm not sure what the audience gets out of it though...but I guess some things in life are just meant to remain a mystery.

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