Thursday, September 19, 2002

It's Thursday again.

Where do the days go? And it's dark, very early tonight it seems.

I just took out the blue box and the trash and it's almost pitch dark. It's eerie...that it's dark so early and the weather is so warm. It must feel like this down south I guess. The air is heavy, humid, sticky. The bugs are everywhere, spiders and flies. The flowers in my garden are going nuts.

The cosmos I planted beside our driveway have taken over half of the flower bed. Ordinarily by this time of year, I have taken in all my pots of geraniums and my big potted hibiscus.

Usually, by now, we've had at least one frost and the flowers are fading and the leaves are turning colour. This year though, the leaves just seem to be drying up and falling off the trees, green to yellow to brown and then poof...they're gone.

I heard a former government leader on the CBC the other morning, talking about how Canada shouldn't bother with the Koyoto accord. Apparently, Canada is a "low" producer of green house gas, we only contribute to 2% of the problem. How small a number is acceptable? Isn't 2% too high? Shouldn't businesses be encouraged (if not legislated) to reduce pollution, to clean up their acts? Shouldn't we, as individuals be a little more concerned about this?

I don't think that the weather should be hot and dry at the end of September, in Eastern Ontario. I'm also not sure that the possibility of not having to shovel snow this winter should seem like a good thing, all things considered.

I guess, when you think about how messed up the planet has become, in a relatively short period of time, that the weather is a big deal. Maybe now I'll stop apologizing for always seeming to turn this blog of mine into a weather report.

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