Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Fortunately, the day didn't stay dark, it didn't stay hot and sticky either. The sun came up and it looked beautiful outside but the temperature was only 12 degrees this morning, yikes! Polar fleece and sandals is not a pretty look!! Fortunately it warmed up to 21 eventually....anyway, enough of the weather report!!

I received an email from my brother this evening. He plays in a bunch of bands in Ottawa and two of his bands have shows this weekend (see the end of this for details). At the end of his note, he asked that everyone on his list "please take care." I think it is important to take care. It's also necessary to give care, whenever you can, if you're able. I mean, it's probably more important to give it than it is to take it...unless you can't give it and then you should just be glad that someone is concerned enough about your welfare that they can spare some care for you!

It reminded me of a sign that I saw several years ago, while driving through Weehauken, NJ. It was one of those Chamber of Commerce type welcoming signs you see as you drive into and out of a town. It read "Welcome to Weehauken, we take pride." When I read it, it struck me as an odd thing to say. I mean, if you're from Weehauken, perhaps you'll know what it means. For myself and the friends I was travelling with, we couldn't figure it out. Does it mean that Weehauken doesn't actually have any pride, so they have to snatch pride from other towns? Is there a town near Weehauken that maybe manufactures pride and they send it over Weehauken way?

The sign in my town doesn't make much more sense I suppose "Kingston, you'll be amazed." I wonder if the point of the signs isn't to confuse the reader, so much so, that they will actually stop in the town that has confused them the most.

If you're in the Ottawa Valley region this here weekend and you're looking for some fine musical entertainment in a smoke-free environment, you may want to check out one or both of the following shows (for the record, my brother Pat is both a half-miler, and a glad):

Friday September 13th
Veal (from out west)
with Casey Comeau and The Halfmilers.
9PM sharp! Zaphod Beeblebrox. 33 York St. Ottawa.
Veal feature Mr. Luke Ducet, who's solo LP Aloha Manitoba, made Pat's top ten last year. Very cool.

Saturday September 14th
Le Nombre (Montreal)
The Glads
The Red Hots
10 PM. The Dominion Tavern - next door to Zaphods.
To quote my brother, "Le Nombre effing ROCK. They are cool. You should go."

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