Thursday, September 12, 2002

I'd thought about starting a blog for several months now. To start one now, this week, during my busiest time of the whole year, work-wise, seemed like a bad idea. At least it seemed a bad idea to me, the day after I started this. I didn't think that I'd have any time to write anything and anything I did have to write wouldn't make much sense. Now, I know that the stuff I have been writing isn't important or informative but it's been a good outlet for me this week. Somehow, taking a few minutes here and there (like right now) to clear my head and just spew text out is helping me to keep things in perspective.

In 15 days, approximately 5000 people will converge on my town to take part in events that our office is organizing. Once they all arrive, we'll have fun, and everything we have planned will no doubt run smoothly. From now, until then however, we're frantically running around, calling folks, furiously sending emails, following up on stuff, getting things together, making lists, doing the things that were on the list, crossing items off of lists, and making more lists, so we can repeat the process all over again, as many times as is necessary until all the little tasks are completed the people arrive.

I love my job, it's a lot of fun and I get to meet a lot of very cool people. These last two weeks though, things can get a little hairy and I'm living on caffeine and echinacea, keeping my fingers crossed that everything comes together as it usually does and that we all don't get sick with the flu.

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