Tuesday, January 13, 2009

suck it

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sick of seeing pictures of my dogs?

if you are, I'm sorry. actually, I'm not sorry. if you don't like it, you can suck it!

the blowing snow can suck it too. it's pretty windy right now and I can see folks walking up the street in front of my office and they are pretty bent over so it must be tough walking. did I mention it's snowing too? yeah, fun. tomorrow it's supposed to be snot-freezing-in-your-nose cold so that should be fun.

I don't totally hate winter. actually, I like a really cold, bright day. I like those really frigid days which sometimes come after a big snow fall. the days when the snow is cleaned up, the sidewalks and roads are clear and the sun is shining and it's really super cold are the ones I like best. the frosty air feels good in my lungs and the sun makes me smile.

because literally, all we've been doing recently is playing with the dogs, working, sleeping, doing errands or doing chores, I've not been really inspired to write here. today, partly I guess, out of a feeling of something close to obligation, I felt like I should at least share another cute photo of Sammy and say hey and ask if you have a favourite kind of winter day?

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