Tuesday, January 27, 2009


gracie snoozes
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I would really rather be snoozing right now than doing what I'm doing. It's not that I'm having a bad day or anything, I just could have used some extra sleep this morning. When we're having a few days of cold weather like we're having right now, it's tough to make yourself (at least I think it's tough) get out of a cosy warm bed.

Of course, usually, once my feet hit the floor, it's over and I just get on with my day. Today though, for some reason, I am in a foggy funk of some sort and keep thinking about how nice it would be crawl back under the comforter. Alas, I'm in the office, just finishing eating my lunch, plowing through my to-do list.

Boring stuff huh?? Well prepared to be excited, Red Dwarf is back!! Exciting stuff huh? Apparently they are doing an easter special. If you haven't seen Red Dwarf (but you watch Corrie), it's the show that our Lloyd was on before he was on the Street. Anyway, Mark is bound to be excited because it's going to be on just before his birthday. Talk about an awesome early birthday gift and it won't cost me a penny!!

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