Thursday, January 22, 2009

nice parking

nice parking
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Kingston is great. Downtown Kingston is particularly great, especially in the winter. The city does a terrific job on snow removal. As you can see from my photo, they leave a lovely, thick, trench of snow between where you park your car and the sidewalk. This makes errands really pleasant. I love nothing more than having to step into a wet, slushy mound of snow to get from the car to the walk. I have long legs and can usually maneuver it without getting a soaker but what do older folks do? Or little kids? It's a disgrace, I think.

By the way, the truck in this shot, belongs to the parking ticket lady and it was in an illegal spot. I guess it's a "do as I say, not as I do" thing with the by-law officers.

I know that for the most part, if we Canadians didn't have weather related things to complain about, we'd be a pretty quiet bunch of folks. I really don't hate winter but I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of our municipal government. They seriously need to pull their heads out of their asses and pay attention to what folks think are the important issues instead of spending more and more money on a glorified ice rink that many of us didn't want.


...sorry 'bout that. The city has just been bugging my butt recently.

Hope you're having a good day!

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greenhousegal said...

I guess by-law officers are "above the law"......sad....