Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day at my desk

Inauguration Day at my desk
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So, yesterday. It was quite a day wasn't it? The world feels like a smarter, slightly less evil place today. I guess that's because our lovely next door neighbour has a leader who inspires his people with hope rather than intimidate them with fear.

During the inauguration, I was at work. I watched the coverage via cnn and facebook. It was a neat way to experience it. I liked how everyone's status updates were scrolling along the side of the screen. It was particularly cool to read comments from folks all over the world). Luckily, we logged on pretty early in the morning (an office mate was watching too) because it seemed that folks were having trouble watching once everything got started. I have to say that I didn't experience any issues with the feed, it was really great actually. Last night, we watched some parts again because we'd DVR'd MS NBC's coverage. It was nice to be able to zip ahead of parts we didn't need to see again, and rewatch things we particularly liked (like Aretha and the speech).

Overall, just being able to feel hopeful about things again is nice. After 8 years of frustration at the US Administration and the negative effects it's had on Canada, it'll be nice to be dealing with intelligent people again. The Bush administration was so anti-logic that it made me want to smash my head against a wall on more than one occasion. I can only imagine how tough it had to be for people actually living in the states.

Of course, now the hard work begins. Once the sweet love hangover passes, the clean up starts. I have a lot of faith in Mr Obama and the team he's assembled - if anyone can get America back on track, he can!

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